1 cuivre Noun, masculine
(a) copper; (old-fashioned) ~ jaune yellow copper, brass; ~ blanc white copper
(b) (Music) ~s brass (instruments); les ~s the brass (section); fanfare de ~s brass band
2 cuivré Adjective
(a) copper-plated; bronzed skin; coppery hair, reflection

Adam D

The Emergence of Adam Driver
Photo by Brian Bowen Smith
Adam Driver isn’t made for twenty-first-century America. He thinks television is somewhat evil. He calls computers “so scary.” He has no idea what the iCloud is, and he wants to keep it that way.  For More

so perf tho

IMG Sydney’s showcards for SS 13-14
Gemma Ward May [Re-]Debut At Australia Fashion Week

lindsey lily and gemma~
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Album Art
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Iselin Steiro at Balenciaga, Spring/Summer 2005

forgot about this girl