1 cuivre Noun, masculine
(a) copper; (old-fashioned) ~ jaune yellow copper, brass; ~ blanc white copper
(b) (Music) ~s brass (instruments); les ~s the brass (section); fanfare de ~s brass band
2 cuivré Adjective
(a) copper-plated; bronzed skin; coppery hair, reflection

Numéro #156 September 2014

Winter 2014 Chanel haute couture. Versailles meets Le Corbusier.

Amica June 2014

Akris Spring Summer 2014: Nyasha Matonhodze

Erin Heatherton by James Nelson for Russh February/March 2014

Natasha Poly photographed by Tim Walker for LOVE magazine S/S 2014

Marion Cotillard

Jessica Chastain as Brave’s Merida, by Annie Leibovitz.LOVE THIS SERIES.

Junya Watanabe autumn / winter 1998-99
“I am not interested in the mainstream,” Junya Watanabe flatly told Dazed & Confused magazine. It was a masterpiece of understatement from this famously taciturn Japanese provocateur, whom Rei Kawakubo calls no less than one of her “co-combatants” in the “Comme des Garçons army”—the tactical fashion corps that has, season after season, systematically waged war on all conventions of beauty and propriety. Vogue wrote that they “take their shape from folding as well as darting and cutting. Although the silhouettes are minimal—cap-sleeved dresses and tunics—the construction is visibly complex, sort of like wearing origami.” Watanabe’s fall 1998 collection consisted of melton-wool cloaks, robes, and aprons that were shaped and held together (sans needle and thread) by metal hoops coiling around the body—at times evoking panniered skirts or crinolines worn on the outside.