1 cuivre Noun, masculine
(a) copper; (old-fashioned) ~ jaune yellow copper, brass; ~ blanc white copper
(b) (Music) ~s brass (instruments); les ~s the brass (section); fanfare de ~s brass band
2 cuivré Adjective
(a) copper-plated; bronzed skin; coppery hair, reflection
No, but one may stop him by spreading a mass phenomenon that gets almost everybody to acknowledge his crimes, and that will reach the governments and help in stopping him.

i’m really sick of everyone against kony2012: get over it and start your own goddamn revolution if you’re so smart, kthx. No really, if you have a better idea, try and execute it and when it succeeds and it’s against horrible actions, I will support you. But as of now, just criticizing an organization that you yourself probably only recently heard of is not only dumb imho, but annoying as fuck because I don’t even see any more kony2012 stuff on here except for the anti-kony2012. ALSO why do you guys call it anti kony2012 when it should be anti-IC?… b/c kony2012 is a great message. or are you for genocides? (rhetorical question; i don’t want to hear about how kony2012 stands for IC’s blah blah)

plus: now love to use kony2012 as a verb hahaa