1 cuivre Noun, masculine
(a) copper; (old-fashioned) ~ jaune yellow copper, brass; ~ blanc white copper
(b) (Music) ~s brass (instruments); les ~s the brass (section); fanfare de ~s brass band
2 cuivré Adjective
(a) copper-plated; bronzed skin; coppery hair, reflection
hey elena.

This kid has been staring at a picture of broccoli for about 15 minutes now
He keeps zooming in and out and looking over every branch
Finals week has really taken a lot out of some people

i like this kid
but really
omg but this is actually genius

"I nominate Mona Lisa and the Girl with the Pearl Earring." [via]


A cartoon by Mike Twohy. For more cartoons from the magazine this week: http://nyr.kr/1pAm6nz
When I’m alone in my apartment being a weirdo and someone interrupts me